Quantum VJ

„Quantum VJ“ developed by Alexander Zolotov is probably the ultimate VJ jewellery pendant available. It’s captivating beauty probably stemes from it’s simplicity: The small blue PCB on a chain comes with a power switch, a mode button, two audio jack plugs (3.5mm in/out) and a monitor – all connected to a programmed IC, that creates glitch-style 8-bit visuals. Any audio source can be connected to this device through the jack plug to be visualized, nine display modes can be switched by the button to change the visualizations. It also can visualize some electromagnetic interference and the „soul modulations“ of the owner when the audio ports are not connected.

(in this video alongside the Quantum DJ for sound)


  • version: 0003 (changelog);
  • size: 28×50 mm
  • display: 128×64 monochrome OLED
  • power: CR2032 battery (not included)
  • two 3.5mm TRS audio inputs; one can be used as output for headphones
  • board color: BLUE
  • cord length: ~70 mm

You can order the Quantum VJ from http://warmplace.ru/hard/qvj/

If having the visualizer around your neck isn’t enough, check out „Quantum VJ HD“, a software visualizer for your Linux, Windows, OSX, iOS, Android device: http://warmplace.ru/hard/qvj
If you also need some glitchy noise sounds, check out the „Quantum DJ“: http://warmplace.ru/hard/qdj

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