Cat Full Of Ghosts – Cat Vi$$ion Synth

„Cat Vi$$ion Synth“ by Robert Jordan aka Catfullofghosts is an awesome little black and white PAL, composite video synth that creates Lo-Fi geometric patterns, scrambled pixels and strobing, throbbing glitches. There are future plans for this to go to production with cv/midi in and external video sync. Created in 2014/5, runs of 5-9v DC and sold on ebay, none available as of today.

From the auction:
It may look crazy but it has hyper stable sync output meaning you can run it into a projector or video mixer with no fear of signal loss or instability.

Controls include (from left to right):
– stability (how quick the frame refreshes, this creates strobes, static images, and slow morphing opacity effects, range: 0ms to 4ms)
– clear type (how the frame refreshes: none, black out, white out, invert rand, invert always)
– direction (direction to offset the image: up, down, left, right, diagonal 1, diagonal 2, diagonal 3, diagonal 4, glitch apart 1, glitch apart 2, random)
– offset (the distance the screen image is offset)
– shape type (the shape being generated then effected by the synth: none/black, circle, square, tri, tri2, lines, dots, lots of circles, 80’s logo thing)
output: RCA composite video
input: DC power 5-9v (wall wort not included)$$ion_Synth.html

more images:

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