Cat Full Of Ghosts – Video Equations Eurorack

The Video Equations Eurorack system by Robert Jordan is a new and updated version of the Video Equations found here, a eurorack character based video synth that creates its visuals by manipulating complex exuations.. It utilises the power of mathematics to yield rippling lo-fi seas of colour, acid trip roguelikes, glitching fractals, visions of an 80’s techno dream and worlds of crashing computer programs, all from a single, beautiful unit.

Equally at home in the studio, lab or on the road this colour video system is ready for take off!

– 16 colours, hundreds of characters and symbols
– 40+ different equation archetypes each with two modifier sliders and a colour depth control for literally millions of unique stable or evolving visuals
– colour and character offset knobs for even more control and variation of output
– 6 variable size masks, each with an invert function and mask fill options
– 7 X 0-5v CV inputs for modular control of all sliders and knobs
– picture mute
– 25hp wide (35.5mm depth)
– 7x CV in (0-5v with protection)
– RCA composite video out with ac coupling and esd protection
– Power use: 12v = 430ma max, 5v= 0ma, -12v = 0ma
– BUILT IN SCREEN AVAILABLE ON REQUEST (+$100AU this will be a built in display that has an external rca that can be used to monitor other video signals)

Improvements between this and the version in the video:
– higher contrast on the lettering on the wood
– a reset button on the front panel
– possibly a switch to change between NTSC and PAL from the front panel (in development).

more images:

Price: $350AU BUILT / $290AU Kit (FREE post worldwide)

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