Cat Full Of Ghosts – Sync Shredder

„Sync Shredder“ by Robert Jordan is an analogue video effect device DIY project that is almost like a ring modulator for video – the basic circuit uses as few components as possible. It can give everything from chroma shifts to jumping glitch and awesome crazy rainbow distortions.
It uses an Sin or Sqr audio signal to limit the brightness of the video and also depending on the rate of the audio signal warp and stretch the image. The onboard oscillator shunts the video signal to ground at ultra high speed, this causes sections of the video signal to be corrupted. Tested with PAL system, works best with sin-wave audio random or Sqr waves may cause sync loss at some frequencies..

– 2n3053 PNP transistor
– 50k ohm potentiometer
inputs: 1x video, 1x audio
output: 1x video

the device on Robs‘ website is a bit more complex 😉

more images:

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