Space VJ Meeting III.

Great news: Space VJ Meeting III. finally is happening again and will take place in Olsztyn, Poland, the weekend from 2nd till 5th November 2017! Five years after the first two editions VJ Diablos (Jaroslaw Balabanski) from Olsztyn and VJ Sinarisama (Toshikazu JaySon Toyama) from Japan are organizing a four-day expo with workshops and performances, as part of the „Space VJ Meeting Poland” series by VJ Diablos.

What’s going on in Osztyn?
For the third time Visual Artists will squat in the Planetarium in Olsztyn, Poland. Olsztyn is situated beautifully in a landscape of lakes and woods, just in the middle between Gdansk and Warszawa. The Astronomical Planetarium in Olsztyn is dedicated to Nicolaus Copernicus, who was living and working in Olsztyn five centuries ago. Olsztyn Planetarium is the second largest institution of its kind in Poland, it has a nice foyer, workshop rooms, an exhibition hall, a space observatory and the planetarium dome. White walls and space interior – a great place to work together, relaxing from the stress of travels and big cities, shooting some visuals onto the 30m diameter planetarium dome.

There will be VJing, a visual expo with lots of space for crazy constructions and installations, AV live sets, live video and live cinema, video mappings. A great opportunity for sharing and learning with performances, presentations, lectures, workshops. With a party, creation zone and a working zone.
Special goodie is a big audio-visual jam session with all VJs in the same time onto the same screen – the 360° planetarium dome (bring your own beamer to take part!). Individual fulldome 360° projections are possible with the two FullHD projectors from the planetarium! (resolution is 4k – 4096×4096 – but we will play 2k which is 2048×2048)

The first Space VJ Meeting happened about five years ago, in january and august 2012, in the Planetarium Olsztyn, Poland. I had never been to Poland before, but SVM 1+2 were great meetings with international visual artists from all over the globe. It was a mind blowing experience doing visuals in this super nice place, watching 360° dome projections and jamming together visually with artists from Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia. I learned to know many great people and it was probably the best VJ meeting I can remember!
There had been many attempts to organize SVM again. But with a difficult funding situation and the small polish team, actually only Jaroslaw Balabanski from Olsztyn with some help by Bjorn Samson from Belgium back in ’12, it seemed to be impossible to repeat the meeting in Olsztyn (see SVM3 website for the full story). So finally we can repeat it!

Watch this short docu by Kim Maria from Russia:

Hostel, Food and drinks in are very affordable and I can really recommend the original polish restaurants in the inner city. Their delicious traditional food is way better than in the bigger cities Gdansk or Warshaw (in SVM 1+2 we always went to Restauracja Staromiejska in Staro Miasto Street, best place in town)! As Jaroslaw and Toshikazu are starting a week before all of you are very welcome a few days or more before.

Besides the difficult financial situation there are big chances to win some software licenses in the VJ CONTEST
prizes: licences: Imimot Software- “Superpack” (CoGe+Vezér+Mitti), GarageCube- MadMapper3, modul8, Resolume- Avenue, Blendy Dome VJ- Blendy Dome VJ, Neuromixer: AVMixer Pro, HeavyM: full license of HeavyM Live). And free RedBull 😛 There are many supporters! <3

How to get to Olsztyn?
Best by flight to Gdansk or Warsaw. Then take the bus to Olsztyn.

For people travelling from outside the EU, Jaroslaw can write a recommandation letter to apply at your local Counsil for a visa. All artists play&workshop for free.

To confirm (no deadline) your participation contact Jaroslaw Balabanski (VJ Diablos) via the participation form below and we will put your name on this confirmed list:

If you want to get more information, check out the SVM website or facebook page.

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