MapMap – open source video mapping tool

MapMap is a free and open source video mapping software for Windows, OSX and Ubuntu GNU/Linux. With its‘ intuitive and simple interface MapMap is aimed at artists and small teams.

The application has one GUI window. On top of all you will find the main program menu to select preferences, output screens and save or load your projects. Below a toolbar, input and output viewports, and a sidebar.
The toolbar lets you select sources or mapping shapes and toggle screens. In the sidebar on top you see two buttons to pause and restart all clips, below the inspector with two tabs: file browser to select pr-loaded files(„paints“), and „mappings“ to change the mappings order and settings, on the bottom of the sidebar you can see information regarding the pixel positions and dimensions of your mappings.

How to map:
1. Load a file (image, live feed, color) from the toolbar and it gets visible in the sidebar.
2. Select a file in the sidebar, then a shape (square, triangle, circle) from the toolbar and the mapping gets visible in the viewport.
3. Now adjust edge points.

more hints:

– file formats („paints“): video or image file (mov, mp4, ogg, avi, mpeg; jpg, tiff, bmp, gif and more), live source (webcam), color (RGB palette)
– mapping meshes („mappings“): square, triangle and circle mapping shape (each mesh can use a separate file).
– circle shape: move a center point to enhance the look of 3d spheres
– No masks (instead hide elements with a black color mesh)
– No later re-select of the mesh texture (file), so you will need to select and add a new mesh
– mapping viewport: zoom in/out, reset, fit size, adjust edge points, duplicate, rename, delete, un/lock mesh
– property inspector: solo, lock, duplicate, delete
– no Spout or Syphon video out

website (down):

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