Bazik Live – a generative VJ tool

Bazik Live 1.10 is a small and easy to use generative VJ tool for Windows and OSX developed by Maxime Dreyfus from France. With a focus on live performance Bazik generates simple and striking visual effects that react to the audio captured by your built-in mic or any other audio input.

On Windows just extract the zip and start up the .exe – no installation required. (You can even run more than one instances of Bazik on your computer, just create a folder for each instance with a copy of the exe and the data folder.) In the Bazik interface click the „options“ panel, choose a microphone input and the (custom) resolution of the monitor on which you wanna show your visuals. This is certainly an easy way to produce a visual show. Bazik is built for High Definition: HD, UHD, 3 beamers there’s no limit (well, just your GPU/OS)! Bazik can also be connected to other VJ software like Arkaos, Resolume, Modul8 and others via Syphon or Spout and can handle MIDI or OSC control signals.

Some screenshots:


– Play: A friendly and intuitive interface, inspired by home studio machines, making Bazik usable by all in a few minutes
– Modes & Break: Don’t waste time with complex interfaces, Bazik gameplay is focused on switching modes and push breaks
– Parameters & EFX: With only two parameters and 8 Fxs, you will be surprised how much interactive animation can be relevant
– Color Control: The precise control of colors allows you to create a minimalist monochrome rendering or rainbow explosive visual
– Input: The audio engine works with any audio source (including external professional hardware for DJ). Simply select your input in the options panel
– Automation with Music Detection: Automatic mode uses a powerful audio analysis to change the settings, parameters and presets and create stunning breaks over your music
– Presets Panel: Selecting your favorite preset is quick and effortless. You can create your own custom list with all presets available and then modify the selection
– Content: Bazik comes with a collection of 2D & 3D presets, from simple flat equalizer to dazzling light tunnel. Each preset contains 8 modes and 2 parameters for endless mixing possibilities
– External Content from Quartz/Spou/Shader: Want more or create your own content? You can add Quartz animations or Shader GLSL, create your own and share them with the community.
– Output Warp: An integrated 4 points warp engine to quickly set-up a straight edge projection onto awry walls

Enjoy this ready-to-use toy, it can become the best friend for your VJ show!

Bazik is available for 99€. More information and a 30 days test version can be found on the Bazik website:

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