AVmixer Pro

AVmixer Pro is a cross platform three channel video mixer with real-time effects designed for live visual performances at concerts, parties and corporate events developed by Neuromixer aka James Cui aka VJ Fader and programmed in MaxMSP. It has a touch friendly full screen userinterface for quick and fast interaction. AVmixer Pro’s main focus is on content and not onto effects. The simple yet powerful UI is fully compatible to MIDI, so you can control almost all functions via your favorite MIDI controller or for example an iPhone/iPad (comes with a TouchOSC template).



As you can see from the pictures, AVmixer Pro seems to have limited possibilities. Though VJ Fader points out, that a good software is not about endless possibilities in one product but about creativity within an controlled, limited, yet stable environment. AVmixer, as the name tells, doesn’t generate endless video effects but enables you to mix videos and footage seamlessly, and most important loads the content fast into the program. Switching between content really feels like instant mixing/switching.

All channels have a distinctive and big (touch!) speed fader to adjust the video speed to the music and there also is a nifty jumpcut feature. A little bit uncommon is the two crossfaders, mixing between A+B and A/B+C, which can also be found in classic video mixing hardware. This enables you to pre-mix your footage or to overlay a mix with another video input like text. The effects section is not really totally crazy and comes with the most common FreeFrame effects, and can be expanded with more FF-FX. It’s possible to send out a custom resolution and there’s also a rudimental mapping function to quickly set up a straight edge projection onto curvy walls. You can also use Syphon for sending your AVmixer Pro video output to MadMapper.


Key Features:
– Mix three channels of video
– Touchscreen friendly interface
– Software keystone
– Real-time compositing
– Real-time video effects
– FreeFrame support
– Syphon support for Mac (Spout when ready)
– Support full range of MIDI controllers
– TouchOSC template

System Requirements:
– Windows or Mac OSX
– Latest Quicktime player installed
– 512 MB of RAM or higher
– Some additional third-party drivers (for PC users only)

AVmixer Pro costs $100 USD $75 USD. More information and a trail version can be found on the Neuromixer website:

P.S.: On the website you can also find offers for AVmixer lite ($25 without effects section) or a Pro+Lite Bundle ($90)

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