iMAPP Bucharest 555 – the biggest projection mapping of the world

The Palace of the Parliament of Romania in Bucharest with 365.000m² is the biggest building in europe and one of the biggest buildings in the world. Last weekend the largest building projection mapping in the world took place on its neoclassical facade during the 555th anniversary of Bucharest.

1 building
104 projectors
20.000 square meters of projection surface
100.000 visitors
2.000.000 ANSI lumens

The artists who created iMapp Bucharest 555 have been selected through a competition held on the event’s website: Maxin10sity from Hungary, The Macula from Czech Republic, Damien Fountain from France, Les Ateliers Nomad from Romania, and SevenZero from Poland. Once known as “Little Paris”, over the years, the city has seen a number of rebirths. ArCuB, the Bucharest City Hall and Bucharest Cultural Center, who organized the weekend festival, filled the weekend’s itinerary with music, art exhibitions and installations, performances, and comedy. Once the show began around 11pm, ArCuB encouraged audience members to text them the name of the video that was their favorite.

For more about the history of this building which is also home to the National Museum of Contemporary Art you can check out the acticle on wikipedia.

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