upcoming Visution Mapio 2 release

Visution Mappio is an awesome piece of software for projection mapping on PC and MAC. Developer Ivan Ryaboff now published a first insight video of Visution MAPIO2 Lite Beta. As the video tells, the beta release of Visution MAPIO2 Lite will be available in summer, MAPIO2 Pro beta will hopefully be released in fall 2013.

Some key features are:
– full-featured standalone application + FreeFrame GL plugin
– individual media source for each slice
– custom slices (pentagon, hexagon..)
– visual slice’s selector
– automatic perspective
– vector masks for input and output maps
– split tool to split masks + slices into smaller parts
– group selection and transformation (masks + slices)
– bezier edit for slices and masks
– new edge blending tool
– new warping tool
– Syphon server and client (MAC only)
– import 3D collada files (!!)

Other features:
USB Camera as source
export to PNG/SVG
OSC Control
Retina Support
and more

more info soon on the website http://visution.com/

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