superflow algorithm

Superflow is an algorithm for visual harmony and viusic (visual music), that can be used in 3d programs like 3ds Max, blender oder cinema4d and was discovered and developed by Ian Clemmer. In a way the results of superflow look like the cymatic structures that you would get from soundwaves influencing little particles, e.g. the so called Chladni patterns, that have been discovered by german musician and scientist Ernst Chladni and described in his book „Theorie des Klangs“ (theory of sound) in 1787.

The superflow algorithm can be applied to 3d objects like circles, triangles, squares, stars and others. When combining a mass of these structures visual beauty happens:


„Hier zuerst Unzertrennlichkeit des Organismus des Raums von dem der Zeit. Denn im Tone, dem Wort, der Sprache, der Musik, ist sie, die Zeit, ganz augenscheinlich organisiert, und die Gestalt im Raume ist nichts, als die Klangfigur dieses Tons […].“ Ritter Sept. 1803, 275


Chladni patterns (from his book „Die Akustik“):

Superflow patterns (© Ian Clemmer):

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