SPARK D-FUSER – DVI/VGA HD VJ mixer (updated)

SPARK D-FUSER is one of the first HD VJ mixers available for VJs and live performance. The idea to manufacture this mixer professionally has been around since 2009 on Tobyz blog, controlling a video processor via RS232 . In the beginning of 2012 there has been pretty much a complete reboot of the project. Now the countdown has started! Orders are being taken between 1st-9th September. Update: Check out the new permanent ordering page at!

The *spark d-fuser works with DVI or VGA to connect two computers and lets you crossfade between laptops. Whether switching between presenters or pushing avant-garde pixels, hands-on control for mixing DVI and VGA signals is now available in a compact and affordable package: The SPARK D-FUSER comes in two parts, a TV ONE Videoprocessor for constant video sync and a controller developed by SPARK. You can also buy both devices separately.

The main features are:

  • ‚Hands-on‘ mixing of two video sources, giving you a crossfader, fade to black knob and tap buttons.
  • Simple setup – built in display, menu system and defaults to make the TVOne processor as ‚plug-and-play‘ as possible.
  • Unrivalled video compatibility – DVI & VGA interchangeably, 1080P at 60Hz, DualHead up to 2048x768px, Triplehead up to 1920×480, output sync unaffected by input disconnects.
  • multiple blend modes, chroma key, pip etc.
  • OSC, ArtNet or DMX

Orders are being taken between 1st-9th September, so get your money together fast! The manufacturing run will then take six weeks from the 10th September. The *spark d-fuser costs £710 [controller+processor] / £210 [controller only] + VAT (which is £852 [~ 1000€] / £252) + shipping (more on the website). The *spark d-fuser now costs £750 ex.VAT and shipping.

The site is now live, with demonstration video, details and how to order:

If you want to keep up with any updates (or catch up on development) then follow this tag on Tobyz personal site:


PLUS:: VJ Fader and some guys from neuromixer and have also developed an application, which uses a simple MIDI controller or iPad to control the TV One 1T-C2-750 to mix two computer signals. More info about iMixHD here.

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