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Most visual artists create and perform with a consumer OS, with a mac and modul8/vdmx or with a pc with resolume. Linux4Vjs is gonna change that. Consumer OS combinations are easy to use (nevertheless also sophisticated) with known features and standardized plus comparable performance. When digging deeper into performing, you might want to move away from standards, get closer to programming and maybe even would like to use alternative, non-commercial and open source tools for Linux OS. But as too many people are still using the widespread consumer OSses, only few people know where to start. Are there even visual performance tools for LINUX? The answer is definitely yes!


Linux4VJs is a project to get rid of the knowledge gap, a project which aims to bring VJs closer to decent visual performance tools running on Linux kernels. The project started not even a month ago, just after a facebook post gathering about 20 VJ tools for linux. Now there is a name, a website and already 40 tools have been taken into the still quite raw linux4vjs list. Anyway: It is a great starting point!

Gathering names, links and also some short descriptions what the programs are made for, differentiating between toolkits, generators, programs for live coding, video editing or remixing, media servers, OS emulators and even a dedicated linux distribution for audio visual artists – list that can be enhanced dramatically, maybe even with tips for installing linux on a normal VJ pc or mac, or even on a mobile phone (tizen, meego, android?!) for mobile vjing!

If you know some more tools, please let the team know. If you want to join or have tutorials please get in contact here: or via

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