digital will stay: The Last Roll of Kodachrome

Steve McCurry has been one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography for more than 30 years, with scores of magazine and book covers, over a dozen books and countless exhibitions around the world to his name. You might know several of his pictures, his best known photograph might be the „Afghan Girl“ (1985) that originally appeared in National Geographic magazine and also is said to be „the most recognized photograph“ in the history of the National Geographic magazine. But please have a look at his work on his website, his photographs and portraits show the true and deep beauty of human society and life.

When Eastman Kodak announced to close its production of the legendary Kodachrome films in 2009, Steve McCurry asked to shoot the 36 frames onto the last ever produced roll of Kodachrome transparency film, which was processed in July 2010. The National Geographic documentary „The Last Roll of Kodachrome“ from 2010 shows how McCurry did that. Have fun watching!

By the way, 32 photos of the last Kodachrome roll have been published to the internet by Vanity Fair in 2011.
Wikipedia on Eastman Kodak

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