Canon MREAL System For Mixed Reality

Video Goggles aka Head Mounted Displays are in development for almost 45 years now, but still there are new visions that constantly get reality. Over the last two years Google project glass has attracted great interest on Augmented Reality but still is not available on the market. Canon Mixed Reality (Canon MREAL) is Google Glass for Engineering Business – with somewhat greater capabilities than Google Glass.

Canon’s Mixed Reality System is an imaging science breakthrough that seamlessly combines the virtual world of computer-generated imagery (CGI) with your real-world environment. This revolutionary advance in imaging technology will enable work groups to boost productivity, enhance interaction and collaboration, focus on details and gather important feedback quickly. Wearing a head mounted display, users can view computer-generated virtual images seamlessly superimposed onto physical, real-world environments to create an „augmented reality“.

The main advantages are [1] high resolution, [2] user’s point of view great for work groups and [3] interactivity.


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