VMS – Video Moving System

Did you ever wonder how to move a videbeamer while performing? Has a LJ ever shown you how fast he can move his Gobos whilst your projection was fixed to a static wall? Here is the perfect solution for you! Get a VMS and get rid of the LJ 🙂

As you might well know from any kind of events, there are three common technologies of Moving Lights. The Followsspot which is moved manually as a whole e.g. in theatres, the Auto Scanner with a moving mirror and the Movinghead with a moving lamp.

With video you would have the choice between a Video Scanner (e.g. patented Video Moving System – VMS) and a Video Moving Head. There are pros and cons for both systems:
The Moving Head can be panned 360° degrees globally, the projector and the motors are integrated into one device. But it is quite heavy und not very easy to replace.
The Scanner is much lighter than the Moving Head, which also makes it faster at moving the image. The VMS is easier to replace, because you can just hang it up a traverse. But it will cover a smaller area than the Moving Head, because the mirror can not move as free as the moving head. There are VMS with and without an integrated projector, the systems without a projector are cheaper and will have a greater livetime than a Moving Head with built in Video projector, because you can just simply change the projector.

The VMS is equipped with a three-phase-step-motor, so that the projections can be freely positioned in the room precisely even with very low speed. This opens completely new possibilities in lighting and interior design, projection as well as video installations. Imagine projecting a video of circles, squares or diverse objects and panning this video in the room. How cool is that?!

In the end, the moving mirror of the VMS in combination with a projector provides a multifunctional source of light and video projection – in other words it is a video scanner which is lighter, more flexible and cheaper than moving head projectors. By using all kind of common light steering systems like DMX or an iPhone App, projections and light can be positioned anywhere in the room and easily be moved at your own convenience.

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