VJ Fest Istanbul – International Live Video Festival

Fifth edition’s motto is „code for the real world“

VJ Fest Istanbul is an independent visual arts festival, gathering visual artists, musicians and researchers since 2008. In four years the festival has hosted more than 100 artists (58 VJs and visual artists) from 20 countries: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Poland, Mexico, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Ukraine, U.S.A. They performed at clubs, theater and open space. They made free workshops, presentations and gave talks.

On 12-16 June 2012, ten more multimedia and video artists will be joining. This year’s goal is to bring some light and color to public spaces. There will also be workshops and seminars on new media technologies. VJ Fest will happen at Peyote and Istiklal Street:

Agotha (Bosna-Herzogevina), Charles Bones (Colombia), Soham Sarcar (India), Granda (Andorra), .mrt and Woei (Austria), Sinsynplus, Quirin Empl, Lynx de Luxe and Herr Schoder (Germany), Vjunk and Vidbeat (Turkey) are live visual artists. Alishya (Latvia), Oscar Babani (Spain), Bessumi and Emre Kocabas are the musicians.

VJ FEST ISTANBUL is a promoter of collaborations and contacts for VJs on an international level. VJ FEST Istanbul is dedicated to VJ arts and the developement of VJ culture. It is open and free. VJ meeting LPM from Rome, Born Digital’s VJ festival Freemote from Utrecht, Visual Berlin from Germany, Experimental Art Events Dimanche Rouge from Paris and are our partners.

Our sponsors are Austrian Culture Office, Goethe Institute, M.E.T.U., Modul8, Clandestino and hünerliadam.com.



  1. JT wrote:

    hi. I’m a visual artist and i’m visiting Istanbul on June and i would like very much to attend a video mapping workshop. What is the schedule of this year’s (2012) VJFest? Where can I get more information?