IR workshop rebranding: Visution Mapio 1.6 update

Software forge irWorkshop (Ivan Ryabov) evolves and joins forces with server manager and web developer Ivan Kononenko and gets a new name: VISUTION – a solution for your vision. In the same move IR Mapio will now be referred to as Visution Mapio or just „Mapio“ with the new release of version 1.6!

Some small changes will affect the user interface (input/output logo, shortcut list in menu) and there is a new Application icon. But the most important changes as always happen in the background.

– The maximum number of Areas has greatly increased from 64 to 1024!
– Border setup mode. The Refine edge item in the Settings menu.
– Changes to mouse cursor to display the current mode in the workspace.

For more info about Visution and the Mapio update check and also don’t miss to visit the new mapio website:

Update: I had some problems with this version at first, the mapping grid was only visible while hoovering edges and grid dots. After contacting Ivan, he could provide me a new version that works flawlessly. Seemed to be a problem with the old Nvidia 296.xx driver. Please contact Ivan Ryabov if you experience the same.

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