Visual Reel by Jonathan Post

Somewhen last year I found an interesting video about a new 3D shutter technology invented by Jonathan Post. Now I came back and found a beautiful high tech reel by this guy. Here they are, enjoy!

It’s to be questioned, whether you would want a technical device to open and close your eyes automatically and get soring muscles from this, or not. But maybe this device could also help fighting common problems with screen work. Following a study by ophthalmic hospital in Tübingen, Germany, poor variation at display work leads to a reduction of eye blinking frequency from 9,7 to 4,3 blinks a minute [»Der Ophthalmologe« (Bd. 102, S. 805)]. By automatically increasing the eye blinking frequency, aching dry eyes could be prevented. Another plus could be that when the eyes are closed 50% of their usage during work, you could save up to 12 hours of sleep per day 😛

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