Space VJ Meeting 2 – Visuals in Poland

For the second time VJ Diablos and Bjorn Samson are organizing a four-day expo with workshops and performances, as part of the „Space VJ Meeting Poland” series. Space VJ Meeting Poland will take place in Olsztyn, poland, from 6th till 9th of september.


Are you ready to show your skills in an amazing location?
VJ Diablos invites us to the Planetarium in Olsztyn, from 6th till 9th of september (4day event), where we can connect our favourite toys to some projectors and all share an extraordinary moment by doing what we like.


1.Planetarium Dome (friday 3.30pm-7pm and saturday 7pm-10pm):

*Fulldome AV performances – show your fulldome video! (video 4k=4096×4096 mpeg-4)

*AV Performances

*All VJs in the same time on 1 screen (360degrees) and VJs vs fulldome in the same time on 1 screen (360 degrees)

Announce your project! 1 project AV 15 or 30 minutes, fulldome projects (from 30 sec to few minutes)


2. Planetarium Ground Floor Conference Room (th/fr/sat/sun 11am-10pm), free Wi-Fi

*Press conference

*workshop, contest


*talking, *sharing

*workshops (confirmed workshop:*mm, *m8, *resolume+controlers, *CoGe)


3. Planetarium Ground Floor Hall (th/fr/sat/sun 8am-10pm)

*Instalations (30minutes or 60, only video). or map the inside or use our structures (cubes).


4. Astronomy Observatory Tower (friday from 9pm)

3 projectors  to project on tower, we will use these projectors and maybe we will use more  — announce your project!


5. Planeta 11 Multimedia Library (th/fr-11am-8pm and sat-12-14)

free Wi-Fi, big room office for artists from 10am to 14, (th/fr from 10-20), building, preparing, talking, sharing


6. Grawitacja Club (friday, sat)

free Wi-Fi, AV Performances, All VJs map club, DJs—announce your project, talking, sharing, party


(7. CONCERT HALL– more info soon / not yet confirmed)


1. Free water for all artists.
2. One project, vjing, performance, presentation etc=30 minutes.
3. All artists play and workshop for free and pay for travel  from their own pocket (however, we can send you invitation letter.
4. Contact us ( ). We will cook pasta though.
5. Free accomodation (Sept.: 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9, 9/10), (we can book a hostel for your non artist friends for 9 Euro per night for a 3-person room). We will confirm your accomodation and projects by sending you an email with confirmation.

Workshop are for free.

How to get there?
Best by flight to Gdansk or Warsaw. Then take the bus to Olsztyn.

For people travelling from outside the EU, we can write recommandation letter to apply @ your local Counsil for a visa. All artists play&workshop for free.

To confirm (no deadline) your participation contact Jaroslaw Balabanski (VJ Diablos) and we will put your name on this confirmed list:

VJ Diablos – Visuals From Heaven(Poland) – //
Bjorn Samson (VJ Forum International, Belgium)
vargasz (Hungary)
VJ TashTec (Belgium) –
Yochee! // Visual Society (Germany) – //
VJ Gibi (Czech)
VJ Olija (Poland)
Jerry Jerome // ShinyToys (Germany)
Devon Miles (Thailand, Germany)
Eztul (Mexico)
VJ Saw (Germany)
VJ Dogon (Mexico)
Saulo Pisa (Espain)
VJ Jooska (Poland)
VJ Wizz (UK)
AIKIA aka. Alessandra Leone (Italy)
see | zee – Simona Canacci (Italy)
Andreas Karaoulanis (Greek)
KukuLand- Katerina Liana (Greek)
Grzegorz + Piggs in Space (piggs in spa, Poland)
LIME ART GROUP // Alexander Kuiava aka. John Coffee (Austria)
LIME ART GROUP // Sasza Zak (Poland)
LIME ART GROUP // Maria Kim (Russian, Korea)
VJ MyShoot (Czech)
VJ FkS (Poland/Bulgaria)
Wojtek Łuczyński aka. Neonbreaker (Poland) //
Kimberley Bianca (Australia)
VJ Harper
VJ Malaga (Poland)
Derubare – Radosław Deruba (Poland)
Freecode (UK)
ReVerse Bullets (USA)
Tomasz Rybok aka Fisz (Poland)
Chaotic aka. Ken Scott (USA)
M.U.N music universal nation (Poland)
Martin Mallea aka emedemacVJ (Argentina)
TokaTek // Rogierst Kevin + Anastasia Dumarey (Metasha) (Belgium)
Kateryna Cherniei
Dariusz Skarżyński – eeo (Poland)

CoGe Master Class –


Event supported by:

VJ Diablos (Poland)
ShinyToys – Festival for audiovisual experiments (Germany)
MXFest (Mexico)
Mapping Festival (Swiss)
Projected Reality Conference (USA)
Playground (Austria)
B-Seite (Germany)
Visual Society (Germany) (Germany)
LeCollagiste (France)
CoGe (Hungary)
LPM – Live Performers Meeting (Italy)

Planetarium, BWA, Planeta11, Grawitacja, Miejski Ośrodek Kultury
Honorary Patronage of the Governor of Warmia and Mazury
– Patronat Honorowy Wojewody Warmińsko-Mazurskiego
Honorary Patronage of the President of Olsztyn
– Honorowy Patronat Prezydenta Olsztyna


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This event is supported by artists first.

Thank you for support us! Join us! Bring your toys: projectors, laptops, mixers, controlers etc.

We are waiting for you with vj heart!

We ♥ all of you !

spacevjmeeting team

VJing for VJs!


For applying and more info check out the facebook event page

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