Resolume and TouchOSC used in an interactive video art installation

Martin Thoburn was one of the first developers to release a public custom TouchOSC layout for Resolume. Now he has done a nice interactive video installation called ‚Exquisite Motion Corpse‘, that integrates resolume, a Mac, an iPad with TouchOSC and several monitors in a non conventional manner. The idea was based on an old surrealist parlor game, rather on the idea of identikit pictures. The user combines body parts that stack together, all set to rhythmic timing, to create unique beats and stories via a touch-screen iPad controller. The video below says it all.

More info about how the Exquisite Motion Corpse works:

“Touch Resolume” is a custom layout for TouchOSC that allows you to control Resolume Avenue and other programs capable of midi oder OSC over a wireless network directly with your iphone or ipod touch WITHOUT midi mapping. Just load the software and start controlling dozens of functions in Resolume, no mapping required.. Touch Resolume controls Resolume Avenue directly with OSC commands.

Touch Resolume

also check out monoface for instant fun with identikit pictures 😉

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