Redbull Streetart View

Google Maps is quite customizable for different tasks. Imagine restaurant guides like qype or using Google Maps for your own website with your own icons. A neat project I found uses Google Streetview to tagg and explore streetart and grafitti spots around the world. Now you can sit at home and explore the best streetart spots! Just search for some of the most recognized streetart artists like Banksy or Blu and check out some of their magic painting in Streetview, or tagg some grafitti in your hometown. (Qustion is if police also uses this to find and identify grafitti spots?! Maybe, maybe not).
Streetartview also lets you check out random streetart, the last submissions and has a connection to picasa foto albums with better images of the same place.

Unfortunately it only works when the streetart is viewable from a street that was captured by Google Streetview. So my town is not available, even tho we have some great streetart here.. but anyways.

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