Project Pixel – AV meeting

A weekend slumber party of audio-visual madness. Calling all VJ’s, Video and AV artists to a networking and showcasing meet-up at the heart of Estonia’s renegade art- Polymer Culture Factory, Tallinn. Project Pixel is organised by Australian artists Rose Staff and Kimberley Bianca with aims to contribute to the local art community, unite international media artists in a physically flexible space and facilitate networking.

Saturday is reserved for collective discussion, software workshops and artist presentations. It is encouraged that everyone involved contribute to these areas. This can be as facilitating a general discussion to a detailed instructional workshop. Without pressure we would like to give everyone the opportunity to present. The activities are also open to attendees with little or no visuals experience.

Saturday evening is time to show-off, have fun and party. There is a vast amount of areas in and around the factory to beam on and map including the central hall and bar with AV acts and DJ’s.

Sunday = Free-form.

Project Pixel will be held in the renegade art factory Polymer

Madara 22
Tallinn, Estonia 10613

Phone 58220052


Größere Kartenansicht

If you require assistance on travel advice please contact

You can come earliest on Friday and stay till Monday in a shared room in Polymer we just ask for a 8euro donation per night.

Plug-in your puter and project some pixels!

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