OpArt by Victor Vasarely

Visual society likes the op art of Victor Vasarely a lot: a painter and sculpturist born in the city of Pécs, Hungary, in 1906. His paintings are very elaborated in terms of scientific method and objectivity, using easy colors in complex and often geometric structures and patterns. Some of his paintings are quite close to kaleidocopic or glitchy fx, as you know from vjing, his sculptures could tolerate some serious video mapping.

A decent quote by Vaserely refers to his idea about the meeting point between art and science – which might also fit as a description of vjing:

‚the two creative expressions of man, art and science, meet again to form an imaginary construct that is in accord with our sensibility and contemporary knowledge‘.

If you are around in europe this summer, a visit to Fondation Vasarely in Aix-en-Provence (France) is strongly recommended.

Find out more about Victor Vasarely at www.op-art.co.uk/victor-vasarely or wikipedia
or just get directly to his website www.vasarely.com

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