Updated: Millumin mayor release comming in september

Millumin is a software focused on audiovisual shows developed by Philippe Chaurand aka. Anomes (Iduun, MapMapMap..) from france. Other than most vj tools Millumin has user interface with a timeline view, similar to editing programs like Adobe After Effects but rendering in real-time. Millumin helps to integrate videos and interactions easily on stage.

The goal of Millumin is to offer a creative and versatile solution, that fits specific needs and collaborate conveniently with other softwares. Until now Millumin has been in beta testing for over 9 months and has gotten quite stable to use in a productive environment. The latest and free beta update 0.62 brings many improvements. There is a new videomapping system with a new toolbar (the beginning on some interface refreshments), rigid and bezier curves to warp and the new possibility of copying and pasting mappings only. Also new are the mask and fill layers (with solid color or gradient).

The timeline view gives great opportunity to use Millumin in every situation where a strict workflow and reliable and strict timing is needed, thinking of theater, dance or performance. Regarding the timeline view think of DMX light controllers for theatres that work with a timeline based scene mode rather than a DMX controller in a disco that can only be programmed for different lights (preset vs. scene mode). As you can see from the legoman video and the other videos below, the sync and timeline features are really cool. The dashboard looks like a super video sequencer. Just try it out!

There are lot of more things coming for Millumin soon, just to name a few: Artnet support, filters and automatic transitions. The new features are explained in the following small tutorials:

Mapping & Warping

Effects & Transitions

Sneak preview : brand new dashboard (and timeline)

Despite the Windows version is not ready (but planned), you already can try Millumin beta on Mac OSX (10.6 or newer). Expect the final release to get public on August 2012, the 24th. The beta version will expire on September, the 30th. You can read more about the pricing here.

There will also be a special price for launching, with a very nice discount. So stay tuned!

UPDATE (14.08): The mayor release of Millumin 1.0 has been postponed to the end of September instead of August the 24th.
So there will be some more features and a big launch party in Paris!

Please have a look at more tutorials here: lab.millumin.com/tutorials/

Millumin is a software to create and perform audiovisual shows
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