Max 6 out now

2 weeks ago Max 6.0.2 has been released. Version 6 is the biggest upgrade for over 3 years! Max/MSP is an environment for visual programming, to create audio, music and video, 3d graphics, for physical computing and for building your own custom controllers. Being developed for over 20 you can guess its somewhat of a forefather to other media programming environments like vvvv or processing.

The upgrade brings hundreds of patches and improvements to already existing features and some new features, too:

– 64bit audio
– new filter designs and visualization tools
– a project window for easy and fast patch switching
– CPU voltage control
– multi-processor support
– lua support for openGL and Jitter (3D programming)
– a faster JavaScript engine
– html5 and canvs support

and manymany more! Check out Max 6 @

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