CoGe 1.3. released!

CoGe is a semi-modular VJ application for Mac OSX 10.6 and above, developed by hungarian programmer Tamás Nagy (part of LumaBeamerz VJ Team) and a bunch of enthusiastic VJ friends and beta-testers. It is designed for real-time media mixing and compositing, built over the most powerful graphics technologies like Quartz Composer, OpenGL, Syphon and Core Image. CoGe can play and use a growing number of media types as sources – Quicktime movies, Quartz Composer compositions, still pictures, Adobe Flash animations, 3D meshes (Collada .dae format), and even webpages in real-time (just for example) and then mix, composite and apply effects to them.

CoGe 1.3 is said to be the biggest update so far. It includes more then new 20 features and improvements, and also important fixes for bugs found since the last 1.2.1 release. You can find detailled info about the new features on the CoGe website, but these are the most important ones:

– Extended movie playback functions
– Video Inputs
– MIDI/OSC Talkback
– Media Banks
– Enhanced Sliders
– Momentary control of Buttons with Key/MIDI/OSC bindings
– From this version on CoGe can update and install new modules within a release

Grab it by using the built-in CoGe-updater or from the brand new CoGe website! The complete changelog can be found on the forum.

Have a nice weekend!

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