choosing the right VJ software

Choosing the right VJ software can be somewhat difficult, if you don’t know what you can get. was developed so that the vj community can easily compare and qualify the numerous products available on the market.
The page´s most important functionality is the „software detective“ that lets you filter a mixing software by your own requirements. As a volunteer you can also add and edit the vj software comparison table. Beyond the comparison table there are different lists about input/output media and mixing features.

Though the page is at an infant stage where it does not inform about every detail of specific software, it sure is a great starting point for beginners and pros who want a quick overview.
I wish there would be some more input fields on the page like a video mapping section (soft edge, live edit..), informations about plugin interfaces (ff, ffgl, vvffgl, codecs, qc, syphon..), more computer systems (mobile os, atari..), software release dates and more details about common specifics like midi (in/out?).

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