B-Seite Festival

Sometimes you find the better track on side ‚B‘ of a vinyl record. Vinyl-enthusiasts will recognize the principle of B-Seite Festival for visual Arts and Jetztkultur as a prinziple of finding hidden treasures and necessary change – at places u are unlikely to look at.

B-Seite Festival by http://jetztkultur.de/

B-Seite will take place a whole week 17th till 24th of march 2012 in Mannheim, Germany.

If you want to visit, join or learn something, if you like connecting and jamming with other vjs or if you like to help us to make the B-Seite a great festival … come round!

This is the trailer for the B-Seite festival 2011. Check out jetztkultur.de for more information …

B-Seite @ facebook

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