41 mega pixel camera phone ‚Nokia 808 Pureview‘

There have been rumours in the mobile phone world, that this new Nokia phone would have an amazing camera resolution. Today Nokia pureview has been shown at MWC (Mobile World Congress): it has a camera resolution of 41MP!

Wait 41mp?? 41mp is an incredible resolution for a camera, thinking of ordinary DSLR like Canon EOS 5D Mark II just having a resolution of 21mp. With 1/1,2″ this phone definitely uses the biggest camera chip in a mobile ever, but its not about the pixelhype. The Nokia 808 PureView camera is an adaption of straight forward satellite technology developed by Carl Zeiss (Nokia is an exclusive parter of CZ).

The Nokia 808 uses the mega high pixel density to have a three times lossless digital zoom, so that you can zoom into the 41mp image and make a smaller foto of lets say native 5 or 8mp resolution without any optical or digital zooming, or it averages 1 superpixel out of 7 pixels, so that the camera can still take great fotos during the night with a resolution of 5 or 8mp (the averaging is no real interpolation, Nokia calls it ‚oversampling‘).

To understand that in a better way, load these original pictures (big filesize!!) and meanwhile watch the video below:

Capoeira in Rio
Streetview in Rio

To get more into detail also read the Nokia PureView Whitepaper

[viddler id=e9abdbb4 w=545 h=307]

No wonder it somehow reminds in Odyssey 2001, camera developer Damian Dining is a Stanley Kubrick fanbwoy 😉

The other specs are also quite nice:
1080p video with 30 Frames (real 1080p!)
HDMI out
Bluetooth 3.0
USB On-the-Go (Connect a harddrive, mouse, keyboard or whatever)
Secure NFC
FM transmitter (listen to mp3 on your radio)
changeable battery
free worldwide navigation (Nokia Maps)

Nokia 808 Pureview will be available in Europe in Q2/2012 for roundabout 629€.


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