First VJ Stammtisch NRW

The guys at Visual Society and Shiny Toys Festival are organizing a first small venue for VJs and visual artists in germany. There are lots of small meetings and get togethers of VJs, but there is none in the biggest polycentric metropolitan area in germany: The Rhine-Ruhr-Area. That’s why we want to establish a community for VJs and Visualizers in this area, spanning from Cologne to Düsseldorf and from Moers to Dortmund. The name „Stammtisch“ derives from a german word for a bunch of people meeting regularly in a bar or beer pub, a group that will grow like a tree. Feel free to join and get the Visual Society growing!

We will meet on wednesday 20th of june (next week) at Café Treibsand, Bochum, a mid-sized coffee bar in the heart of the Rhine-Ruhr-Area. In the same building is the SAE Institute, a private school dedicated to sound, interwebz and video. Maybe we will have the opportunity to walk around that building and get to know their studios. We will also have the opportunity to make a small guerilla mapping onto the building, which is a former bunker from WKII.
But for the first Stammtisch we dont plan so much, the focus will mainly be getting to know each other and show off some visuals spontanously.

Accomodation: We didn#t plan for people from abroad. But we can get beds and a stay for free if you like. Just drop a mail to you can also contact us via facebook.

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This event is supported by:
Visual Society
Shiny Toys – Festival for audiovisual experiments

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