Visuals made in austria

VmiA – Visuals made in Austria is the broadcast about Austrian Visualists and Projection Artists on Okto TV.

The Visualist is projecting rooms, areas, fronts and public spaces. Everything could be a screen and projected. The goal is a free experience array, the audience should be inside and surrounded by the experience, the artists want to confront people unannounced, they want to find visual metaphors for the translation in the field of the theatre or literature. There exists a wide range of playgrounds for example stereoscopic real time theatre, opera, installation, classic music, etc.

With artist’s discussions the broader spectrum of the visual operation should be shown and underlined by videos. At the end of every program the audience is getting informed about the diverse pioneers and precursors. Beside that the program also shows location shots, discussion and the moderation of different kind of videos from different artists.

The first show presents Stefan Sobotka and Volker Paul Sernetz. This two film artists, film producers and room designer from Graz who are also known as OchoReSotto. With Super 8 and digital projectors OchoReSotto creates a collage, which can be simply described as a visual feast.

For more information: or visit their homepages:,​visualsmadeinaustria/​ or join at the VmiA facebook fan side!

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