Visual Society for Nokia OSes WindowsPhone! (updated)

Finally the Visual Society mobile app is available for WindowsPhone 7, Meego, Symbian and Java ME enabled mobile devices (e.g. Blackberry)! Shure you could read the articles in your phone browser, but why not using a decent and exclusive mobile app without the annoying zooming into webpages 🙂

Click here for the Symbian^3 app (N8, C7..)
Click here for the MeeGo/Maemo app (N9)
Click here for the Java .jad-Version
Or if these links for the Symbian App dont work check this

I also built a WindowsPhone7 app, but since im not willing to pay 75€ for releasing this free app to the marketplace, you can download it here and try to manage installing it on a phone with jailbreak or developer account. I didnt manage that ‚cause being to complicated..

I appreciate any feedback on this! Is everything nicely readable and hows the interface??


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