„Promoter vs VJ“ True stories inspired by Kyle Lyons

This is the real deal. In the 10 years that I have been working as a video artist around the globe there are plenty of shady characters that will literally suck the life energy right from you all the while trying to rip you off of your well deserved hard earned money. You would think as you get older you get wiser but it seems the „Promoters“ are the most cunning of club species to be had and will stop at nothing to try and take advantage of your services. To that this video was created by my girlfriend who spent 10 years listening to my rants and woes from clubs to festivals.

Indeed, life isn´t easy, hopefully this didn´t happen to you 🙂

Source files: Xtranormal Text-to-Movie
Editing & Dialogue: Ana Villanueva aka VJ Anisha
Inspired by the visual misadventures of Kyle Lyons

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