Hexstatic presents ‚Solid Reel‘

Last week we had the new ‚Solid Reel 2‘ in here. Now its time about the first version and the version Solidsteel AV-mixset!

Hexstatic celebrate 20 years of the ‚Solid Steel‘ radio show by taking it to a new dimension in the form of the video podcast.

Here, Hexstatic mix up some of their favorite tunes as only they know how, in a special video mix, inspired by the Solid Steel rules,…“there are no rules“.

Everything from turntablism to drum and bass, thru techno and breakbeats to more chilled vibes are thrown into this special blend, and all accompanied by the videos to make the experience all the greater.

Stepping away from the manic sample mania that typifies some of Hexstatic’s live shows, this first episode is more like a DJ mix where they want you to savor the music and work of the directors who created these videos.

But don’t be fooled, you still get specially edited intro’s, funny bits, and some exclusive mixes and edits from Hexstatic,….of course.

So sit back, relax (well, unless you’re on the bus) and enjoy this new dimension of the Solid Steel experience,..ladies and gentlemen, our feature presentation,…’Solid Reel‘

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